• Holy Yoga has brought an amazing transformation to my life.  The mind, body, spirit connection has caused my migraines and back pain to go away.  The fabulous instructors at Laid Down Life make every class an experience; amazing on so many levels.  I'm so grateful I found this place.  I leave feeling better than when I arrived.

    Anne Walker

  • Holy Yoga at Laid Down Life has been life transforming for me.  To have a physical space where I meet with God daily and also come together with people of the same mind and heart is PRICELESS.  Community and communion with God = freedom.  My experience at Laid Down Life has been better than I ever could have imagined.  I came for the yoga but also for prayer.  These two flow together perfectly.  Christ-centered yoga is completely different.  Through scripture, life is being spoken over us.  We are being prayed for and praying for others.  Connection, encounter, and restoration happens here.

    Heather Smith

  • My body feels better and I have more freedom of movement.  I no longer experience tingling in my arms and I can turn my neck more freely.  The Holy Yoga experience at Laid Down Life is more peaceful and productive in my spiritual life than in the yoga I previously experienced.  Very relaxing and enjoyable.  I love the restorative classes but I also enjoy the challenge of the flow classes as my body gets stronger.  I’m able to participate in exercise and prayer with two of my best friends; and I am growing closer to my new friends in this community as well.

    Lisa Barnett

  • I really FEEL the Holy Spirit at Laid Down Life.  I enjoy the movement but I love the community!  I also enjoy the individual teaching styles of the instructors; and I am always amazed at their ability to bring just what I need at the right time each week.  I had participated in yoga at another gym, but it was not until I came to Laid Down Life that I experienced a deeper focus on Christ - not just a workout.  I love it here!  Thank you, dear instructors, for allowing HIM to use you!

    LaShena Wheat

  • Through Holy Yoga at Laid Down Life, my body has become toned and lean; and I have grown much closer to the Lord through this community.  My overall attitude has changed.  I would describe the experience as focused time with God while also doing something great for my body.  Laid Down Life is a loving community and I never want class to end.  Physically, mentally, and spiritually…I feel amazing after each class, ready to take on the day.

    Stephanie McGuire

  • Holy Yoga at Laid Down Life has allowed me to return to exercise.  Through the physical postures, I have improved my balance and muscle tone after several surgeries.  The intention of the class is set by using scripture; so Holy Yoga has also helped me to see my health through the perspective of God’s Word.  I love the music, devotion, and time spent in prayer in each class.  Laid Down Life provides a non-threatening environment, a safe space where we experience fellowship and grow in Christ with one another.

    Michelle Swartz